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Dear internet friend, would you like to:

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' Get the ErectHard for your husband and start enjoying better sex immediately. That's the best thing you can do'
Eileene C, USA

My friend,
I know how it feels when you can't get an erection (I myself used to suffer from erectile dysfunction). The tremendous pain, the constant inferiority complex and the loss of self-respect. I understand how it feels when you can't satisfy your wife or when you can't even get an erection for sex. Yet all we can do is to deny the problem and to console ourselves that sex is not that important at all. But deep down inside, we all know that sex is one of most beautiful things in the world and that sex is an integral part of a relationship. Sex is powerful enough to make or break your relationship!

Luckily, with the advance of science, impotence can be cured and treated. Viagra, surgery, injection, implants, vacuum pumps, penis rings are options available in the market. However, before going for those expensive and dangerous options, I would strongly urge you to ask yourself these questions first:

  1. Are you prepared to spend thousands of dollars to get someone to operate and inject poisonous drugs to your penis or worse still, insert implants into your penis?

  2. Do you want to subject yourself to the side effects from taking Viagra and self proclaimed natural herbs?

  3. Do you know how cumbersome and inconvenient it is to use vacuum pumps? (try imagining this; half way into the foreplay, you have to excuse yourself to pump up your penis first before getting into the act). And do you know how costly and uncomfortable it is to actually 'pump' up your penis?

  4. Are you willing to risk injuring your penis by wearing those cheap and flimsy looking cock rings? Don't they look more like sex toys than medical aid?

My friend, impotence can be treated naturally and safely. Based on extensive clinical test conducted, up to 91.2% of impotence has been successfully treated with Power Ring. It has been used successfully by million of Asians with erection problems.We strongly urge you to invest a small amount of money and try it before going for other expensive (costing hundreds and thousands of dollars) and dangerous options. Don't waste your money! Don't risk your health! Power Ring may be all you need to solve your problem.

' My marriage used to be great. As I grew older, my sex life started to go "downhill". It got to a point where I didn't even want to try, knowing it would end in failure. I felt terrible. My marriage suffered badly. But I was too afraid to try out Viagra or think about surgery due to my old age. That's when I ordered your product. After wearing it as per your instructions, I got an erection even bigger than I ever had when I was young. And I got it within one minutes! And most importantly of all, I could maintain my erection for as long as I wanted to! My wife and I are really pleased with Power Ring. Thank you for saving our marriage.'

Alan Brown, US

To fully appreciate how Power Ring works, we must first understand the physiology of an erection and the causes of impotence. The major cause of impotence is Venous Leakage. This happens when the veins carrying blood out of the penis are not shut completely, hence allowing blood to be drained out of the penis at the same rate as it enters. This would result in a loss of erection.

Power Ring can help you by shutting off the veins externally with a tourniquet effect, hence trapping sufficient blood in your penis to give you a natural, longer and harder erection for successful sexual intercourse within 10 to 60 seconds of wearing it.

(Note: Power Ring would not work if there is completely no blood flow to your penis or if you suffer from serious health problems, such as diabetes, stroke or penile nerve damage).

You may be asking; with so many types of penis rings and bands in the market, what is so special and unique about Power Ring?

Yes. You may have seen so many different types of penis rings and bands in the market, each with its own claims and promises. Indeed, choosing one would not be an easy task for you. Do not make the same mistakes as I did by trying almost every single one available in the market. I wasted a fortune and I hurt myself.

DO NOT buy any penis ring until you have asked yourself these questions.

  1. Is it scientifically developed based on extensive medical research and clinical findings?

  2. If it is so good, is it recognized and endorsed by any reputable authority?

  3. Is it soft and gentle to the skin? Would it cause any injury to your penis? Would it reduce you and your partner's sexual pleasure?

  4. Is it flexible enough to cater to both pre and post erection sizes of the penis but yet impose the necessary pressure to induce and maintain erection?

  5. Is it simple and easy to use?

  6. Is it durable enough to last for long-term usage?
' Simple, effective and natural. ErectHard has definitely given me my manhood back...'
David Seed, US

The Power Ring Difference
Power Ring was invented by Professor Zhou Xiao Guang, a specialist at the Faculty of Male Urology at the Medical University of Beijing, China in the year 1990. Professor Zhou is also a member of the Sex Association of China and Institute of Sexology, China. Thousand of users in clinical trials have achieved satisfactory results without any unsatisfactory feelings or side effects. Overall effectiveness rate stands at 91.2%. Since then, millions have been sold in China. In fact, Power Ring has been awarded a patent (No.: 90223468.4) and is endorsed by The Sex Association of China.

Power Ring is a specialy designed ring that is highly elastic. Its outer layer is made from 100% natural premium quality medical grade latex (same as the materials used to make condom). It features five soft cushion nubs for ultimate comfort, hence, giving you maximum pleasure and zero discomfort or irritation.

You would be able to get an erection within 10 to 60 seconds of wearing Power Ring!

Power Ring to is flexible and soft enough to expand and contract easily to fit the varying size of your penis while exerting the optimum pressure to maintain your erection. Other types of penis rings are solid in nature and offer only limited flexibility. Hence, they are either too loose to impose the necessary constriction for maximum erection results or too tight for your comfort (some may even cause pain and injury).

Warning: Beware of solid penis rings and other imitations in the market. They are not designed with ample flexibility to adjust to the varying size of your penis. Your manhood is much more valuable than the few dollars saved! Saving a few dollars may actually cause permanent injury to your penis.

' I have ordered and used many types of cock rings from the web before. Power Ring is definitely unlike those that I have used before. It is so much more comfortable. No more pain and discomfort.'

Charles Woods, US

Roll Power Ring down to the base of your penisPower Ring can be worn and removed easily. To use, simply put the ring at the tips of your penis and gently roll it to the base/root of your penis (refer to diagram). You can wear it with or without condom. To remove, just roll it out gently. For easier removal, apply lubricant or soap.

Caution: When handling Power Ring, be careful to avoid contact with sharp objects

With proper care and cleaning, Power Ring can last you up to an average of three to four months of regular usage. Simply clean with soap and dry after use. Store in a cool dry place and avoid direct sunlight contact.

No other PRODUCT or DRUG can make that claim! Simply put, Power Ring can make your sex life "GREAT".

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The cost of Power Ring (pack of three) is just US$47. This is a small price to pay to overcome impotence and improve you & your sex life instantly. Much more cheaper than you would possibly spend on penile surgery, injections or Viagra consumption over a couple of months...

Looked at another way, is a healthy and happy sex life worth more than US$47 to you?

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No Risk, 100% Money Back Guarantee
Since you are new to Power Ring, we are prepared to offer you an iron clad No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee! You can order and try Power Ring at absolutely no risk on your part. Order today, try it and use it for six months…and if you are not happy with it, simply return for an immediate full refund of your purchase price. You have absolutely nothing to lose! Best of all, you can still keep the free bonus worth US$27!

' ErectHard™ Impotence System has definitely improved my life. Just when I thought my sex life was over, I stumbled upon your website. ErectHard™ Impotence System has given a salary earner like me the chance to maintain my manhood without spending a fortune. Keep up the good work and please keep the price low so that more people like me can afford it.'

Tom, Canada

Think about it; if you really want to improve your sex life, make your wife happy and regain your manhood, the price of Power Ring is so minimal compared to the anguish and regret you will carry throughout your life if you didn't try using it. Power Ring is as close as you can get to achieving your dreams of long and hard erection naturally and safely. Don't put off placing your order now. Think of how Power Ring can increase your confidence, improve your life and relationship; you can't really put a price to that!

You can't afford not to invest in Power Ring!

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To better sex for you,

Signature - Dr Johanes Gold
Dr Johanes Gold
CEO, ErectHard™ Research

PS - We strongly urge you to try Power Ring before considering other dangerous and expensive options such as Viagra, penile injection or surgery and vacuum pumps. Not only would they cost you hundreds and thousands of dollars, they might also cause permanent damage to your health! Power Ring may be all you need!

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